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Working Together

Working Together

Exploring the highlights and challenges of interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration.


‘Collaborations Between Academics and Clinicians’ by Hearing the Voice

A case study of researchers and clinicians working together to produce new therapeutic methods.

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‘Collaborations Between Artists and Academics’ by Fiona Johnstone on behalf of ‘Thinking Through Things’

A toolkit for would-be collaborators, outlining how collaborations between artists and researchers are initiated, the process that is involved, the outputs that might be expected, and how contracts, artists’ fees, copyright, and intellectual property rights can be negotiated.

Image: Drawing Breath by Jayne Wilton

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‘The Experimental Design Hackathon’ by Hearing the Voice

Explores the challenges of converting rich cross-disciplinary conversations into practically realisable plans for experimental and other empirical studies.

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Interdisciplinary authorship

‘Interdisciplinary Authorship’ by Hearing the Voice

A series of reflections, practical recommendations and case studies, illuminating the contexts in which interdisciplinary co-authorship is a rewarding if not essential undertaking…though one that is certainly not without its challenges.

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Price of agreement option 2

‘The Price of Agreement’ by Britt Dahlberg, Robbie Duschinsky and Sophie Reijman

Reaching or operating on the basis of agreement in a research team can be satisfying, thrilling, reassuring – but what are the costs of agreement, especially when we shore it up too soon? This Project Short explores some of the issues.

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Transferable methods

‘Transferable Methodology’ by Life of Breath

A short methodological overview reflecting on how a project on breath and breathlessness emerged from the principal investigator’s participation in Hearing the Voice.

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Voice Club

‘Voice Club’ by Hearing the Voice

Bringing project researchers together for regular meetings can make or break an interdisciplinary team. How can you find common ground among academics from very different backgrounds? How can you ensure effective interactions and make the most of the time you have? Here we invite you into Voice Club, the fortnightly research meetings of an interdisciplinary project on voice-hearing.

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