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People & Roles

People & Roles

Exploring the unique people and roles central to interdisciplinary ways of working.

Interdisciplinary dialogue option 2

‘An Interdisciplinary Dialogue’ by Hearing the Voice

Working on an interdisciplinary project presents both opportunities and challenges for early career researchers. A Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy and a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Psychology discuss some of the issues.

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The creative facilitator

‘The Creative Facilitator’ by Hearing the Voice

It is often assumed that the Principal Investigator or other senior members of an interdisciplinary research project will take sole responsibility for organising and chairing research meetings and for ensuring positive group dynamics. Here we introduce the role of the Creative Facilitator – someone independent who can harness the creative potential inherent to interdisciplinary working.

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HYBRID – fluorescent Neon tube Sign on brickwork

‘The Hybrid Academic’ by Jen Grove, Sanja Djerasimovic and Jenny Crane

Across UK universities new Early Career Researcher (ECRs) posts have recently emerged which involve a significant responsibility for supporting public engagement and impact, within specific projects and universities more widely. This Project Short considers some of the challenges of these multi-skilled, collaborative and interdisciplinary positions.

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Precarious Postdoc

‘The Precarious Postdoc’ by Sophie A. Jones and Catherine Oakley

Drawing on data from early career researchers, this Project Short sets out some best practice guidelines for PIs, funding bodies, and universities in an era of interdisciplinary research and casualised academic labour.

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Project coordinator

‘The Project Coordinator’ by Hearing the Voice

Describes the main challenges and responsibilities that come with managing an interdisciplinary research project and the administrative systems that can be put in place, as well as providing advice for those who might be considering a similar role themselves.

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