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Engaging Others

Engaging Others

Exploring the challenges and triumphs of engaging external partners, special interest groups and members of the public in interdisciplinary research.


‘Arts-Research Collaborations’ by Edinburgh International Book Festival

The Edinburgh International Book Festival reflects on the process of creating and delivering Conversations with Ourselves in partnership with Hearing the Voice in 2014, and offers insight into how an interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration can work.

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Shuffle Placards

‘Engaging Voice-hearers’ by Hearing the Voice

Whatever the focus of your interdisciplinary research project, it is likely that you will be engaging with groups of people whose interests and needs differ, sometimes quite radically, from that of the traditional academic researcher. Here we present our project’s early experiences of working with a diverse group of people who hear voices others don’t.

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External communications option 2

‘External Communications & Social Media’ by Hearing the Voice

Written in 2015, this Project Short reflects on the communication strategy developed by Hearing the Voice and provides practical recommendations on how to use social media and other online communication tools in order to maximise the reach of your research.

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Fox sisters What do you believe

‘So, what do you believe then?’ by Ben Alderson-Day and Adam Powell

How should a researcher respond when asked about their own beliefs? And how can an interdisciplinary project tackle the tensions that arise when faced with the differing extents to which different disciplines expect to make a claim about a shared, independent reality?

Image: The Fox sisters played a key role in the creation of Spiritualism. From left to right: Margaretta, Kate and Leah

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